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At least once a day, I try to focus on 4 thoughts that change my outlook on Life. When I think of these thoughts, my mood and disposition changes immediately. I often think of these things while working out, during a walk or run or just when I have some alone time. Sometimes even before I go to bed.

Try these to feel better right away!

1. Be in the present moment
Look around and be present in whatever you are doing. whether walking, looking or appreciating nature or  good conversation, concentrate on being in the “present”. Focus on your breath, the outdoors, nature and all the great things that are happening around you. I am always amazed at what great things are in our midst every moment that we miss in the rush of life.

2. Appreciate all you have and all you have been given.
Life is magic and we have a lot to be very grateful for. I spend time thinking about all people and things I am appreciative for. This could be your family, friends, possessions, relationships, god or whatever you truly appreciate in life.

3. Love. I think of all I love in my life.

My wife, children, parents (deceased), and the world. When I think of all the things I love it puts you in a loving frame of mind. Most of all “love” yourself and think about what you do actually love about yourself.

4. Have trust/faith in the future. This is one that was most difficult for me to come to terms with. I now have 100% faith in the future and know that if I help and serve that the universe will pay me back with good results. I also know that my future is very bright/


Try going through this Mantra the next time you are alone, go for a run, walk or before bed and it will immediately change your mood.


Yours in good Health, Kev

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  • Marge McCormick

    Hi Kevin.

    Great job.

    Everything you say has meaning and makes sense.

    Sometimes we are so busy worrying about what others think of us that we forget our purpose in life.

    What you talk about certainly stimulates the thinking process. Thanks loads. Marge

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