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One of the questions I am asked on a regular basis  is “What is my morning routine?” As you know, I look at my health as an ongoing journey and therefore continue to make changes and introduce new things as I learn new information from all my reading and Podcasts. Therefore, I thought that today I would share what I do most mornings in order to start my day.

I find that when I do these things I start my day full of energy, have a clear mind and feel amazing all day long. Here is a summary of what I do each day.

1. Get To Bed Early – Whoop

One of my New Years resolutions was to get more quality sleep. I have been tracking my sleep activity through a wristband and an App called Whoop. It has been a great App for me as it essentially tells me the length of my sleep as well as the quality of my sleep each night. It even measures my HRV (Heart Rate Variability) which is a measurement of the stress your body is under (physical as well as emotional).

My Whoop consistently shows me that I am actually sleeping about an hour less than I am in bed. For instance if I go to bed at 11:00 p.m. and wake at 7:00 a.m.,  I previously thought I had an 8 hour sleep. What my Whoop continually tells me in using this example is that I actually am only a sleep for 7 hours (1 hour less than I am in bed).

Therefore, I have been attempting to go to sleep one hour earlier this year, realizing that my body is really asleep 1 hour less than I think. Therefore I try to be in bed and lights out by 10:00 p.m. The reason I include “Getting to Bed Early” as part of my morning routine is that I find if I don’t have enough sleep the night before, it really affects me negatively the next day. In fact, since this year I have been working out much earlier(6:00 a.m. or earlier), I find myself even getting to bed earlier(9-9:30).

To find out more about Whoop, you can access it at:


2. HRW Rejuvenation (H2 Magnesium Tablets) + lemon

This past year I have been consulting with Dr Jeff Gladden who is a Longevity Functional Medicine expert that operates Apex Health located in Dallas. Dr. Gladden has me using HRW every morning and I typically use it twice per day. It is proven to increase athletic performance, VO2 Max and overall health. Those that regularly read my blog know that I like to have my lemon water or apple cider vinegar every morning. Therefore I simply drop one HRW tablet into my water and let it dissolve and also squeeze my lemon and put it in the same drink. I then drink this entire thing in order to hydrate my body following a night of sleep. For more on Apex Health, here is the web sight:



If I can, I like to have my workout first thing in the morning. Therefore depending on what I am doing (weights, cycling on trainer, running , etc.) depends whether I head out to the gym or stay home for my workout. I like to have my workout early in the morning as then it is done for the day and as well it totally oxygenates my body for the day. I find that when I workout in the morning I feel amazing and full of energy and have mental focus all day long. The intensity of my workout depends on the workout and whether I plan to do a second workout later in the day. Therefore if I plan on doing a Weight workout later in the day then I would just do a Zone2 (easy)workout in the morning. I also try to use a roller in the morning to roll out any stress points or sore muscles.

4.Amino Acids

Before or during my workout, I use an Amino Acid powder to provide my essential Amino Acids and Protein to assist in my workout. I use a brand called Perfect Amino’s which was suggested by Dr. Gladden of Apex. I typically use Amino’s as part of my morning shake instead of protein powders unless I have had a weight workout. I also interject and use a plant based post workout powder as well depending on the type of workout I am having.

5. The Morning Shake

For those that read my blog regularly you will know that I have my Morning Shake every morning. It is a way to fill my body with amazing fruit, flax, chia, vegetables, nutrients and minerals all at once. I have been doing the Morning Shake as part of my morning routine for over 5 years and I believe it is the very best way to start the day. To read about my morning shake or refresh yourself on my recipe, you can access it here:

6. The Cold Shower

Last year as part of my New Years resolutions, I committed to a cold shower every morning in order to start off my day. I have had my “cold shower” every morning for the past year and 2 months with the exception of approximately 5 days. I find that I am actually now getting used to my cold shower and the odd day where I don’t have it, I don’t feel as well. I find that it gives me amazing focus, soothes my muscles and leaves me feeling full of energy. I also notice that many times when I have a cold shower it causes phlegm to come up from my chest or throat which I view as a good thing as it is expelling my body of some of those unwanted things . To access more on my Cold Shower including my routine, you can access it here:

My Morning Ritual  To Start A Great Day – Summary

1.Get to Bed Early

2.Have Your Lemon Water and HRW Daily

3.Do some activity every day preferably in the morning

4.Have your Amino’s

5.Consume your Healthy Shake – Every morning

6.Have your Cold Shower – Every day

There you have it. These are my keys to having an amazing day and I hope that these can help you in your life.

Wishing you a great, healthy day,



P.S. Barb and I recently attending an amazing conference on a cruise called Holistic Holidays at Sea. Many of my health “hero’s” were on this cruise and we learned tons of new things in terms of health. I will be blogging on some of these items in the next few blogs.


Have a great day, Kev



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