Fathers Day – 4 Things I Have Learned From My Children

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Happy Fathers Day

Fathers day just passed and I could not help but feel so blessed as a Dad and a father. As I said to my adult children at fathers day dinner, ‘It is easy to be a good Dad when you have GREAT children”. I feel like I am so blessed and so appreciative to have a great family and the amazing children that we do. I thought that in today’s blog I would apply my fitness “Mantra” to my children and my experience being a father. 

For those that would like a reminder of my therapeutic “Mantra” you can access it here:4 Easy Steps to a Positive Mindset

To summarize, my “Mantra” is as follows:

  1. Live in the Present
  2. Be Appreciative
  3. Think of all those you Love
  4. Focus on your bright Future


1.Be In The Present

One of the things the kids have continually taught me is to be and live in the present. Like many people, over the years I have been very distracted by work, job distractions, social functions, friends and charities to name a few. I am sure you can relate to the time you were at one of your kids’ school activities and had to dismiss yourself to take a call or do an email. I recall being at our kids cross country meets or football practices while being on the phone taking a work call. I ask myself now, “How Present Was I in the Moment”?

Conversely, I also think that some of the very best times in my life have been when I have been truly “Present” and “living in the moment”. I recall amazing family dinners, time on the dock with the family, and very simple things like going for a hike or a run when it felt so great to be living in the moment. I believe the kids have been great “teachers” in helping me to live in the moment. 

Just Be

One recent example I can provide is when Lauren and I go for runs we typically have a “time out” or take some time to “live in the moment”. We usually have a 1 or 2 km period during a run where we aren’t allowed to talk or even think and try to just live in the moment. Lauren taught me a great lesson when we do this and it is simply to “Just Be”. She uses the example of a dog that goes out in a field or on the grass and just looks around, smells the air and is  “Just Being”.

I find this to be so peaceful when looking around, observing how amazing life is around us, looking at nature, the plants, the grass, and the sun. When you do this I am sure you will have an awakening of how beautiful life is all around us. Thanks to the children for teaching me this. 


The next thought I have during my positive Mantra is how my role as a father has taught me “Appreciation”. I appreciate the fact that we have 3 great, caring, hardworking and amazing children. I also appreciate the amazing relationships we have with our children. There is likely not a day that passes that we are not in touch in some way with our children whether it be by phone, email, or FaceTime. I truly appreciate the amazing relationships we have with our children. 


As a father, I can’t help but think the love that I feel for my children (and Barb of course). Love is a two-way street and I feel the love coming back from the children every day. This then transcends to the love I feel for those that have passed before me that I think about every day. I think of my parents, my grandparents, other family members like my “Bro” Bill and good friends and coworkers that are no longer with us. I can’t help but think about all the people I love and have loved and the impact on my life. Thanks, Tim, Matt and Lauren for the love you continually show towards us.

4. The Future Is Bright

One of my favourite mantras is to look into the future and think about how bright the future is. My own feeling is that so many people live in the past and although I look at the past in terms of learning and/or fuel for the future, I certainly do not dwell on the past. We all know those people that spend the majority of their time reflecting on the past and living in the past on a continual basis. Talking constantly about high school, public school, and past experiences.

What the children have reinforced with me is how great and bright the future is. I reflect back to my time at their age and the future was so exciting. There was so much excitement and so much time to look forward to.

Following Their Passion

I feel the kids are all set up for an amazing future in whatever the future may hold. I believe the future for all of them is very very bright and I don’t mean necessarily financial success. What I love about my children is they have all pursued careers that reflect their personal passions. Tim fast-tracking his career in finance and the markets, Matt combining his business experience with his passion in Health and fitness industry and Lauren who is living her passion as a Graphic Designer combined with her love for health and fitness.

They also continue to ignite my passion for the future and I am so excited about what the future holds. I love spending time with my children and discussing potential future endeavors as they “ignite the match” about the future. 

As I get into middle age, I am truly excited about the future and business opportunities that are present that truly matches my own personal passion.

Thanks once again to my children in  helping me as a father to:

1. Live in the Moment

2.Show Appreciation for Life

3.Show Love

4.Look forward to a bright future

Happy Fathers day to all the amazing fathers (and moms of course) out there. 

Wishing you a very healthy and appreciative day,


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  • Margery Mccormick

    Hi Kev, what a wonderful story. I hope there are many fathers that share your thoughts

    The growth of your children physically and mentally is a reflection of your dedication to them. Great job, Kev.

    Love, Marge

    • Kevin Brady

      Thanks so much Marge. XO

  • Linda Haldane

    Great blog Kevin! Always so inspirational- thanks:))) So true about living in the present as much as possible with enticing looks to the future mixed in:) Love the “ Just Be”! I try to do that here on walks and bike rides along the Parkway. Wonderful to see how your kids have grown and how close your family remains, even with Winston!!! All the best to you all!

    • Kevin Brady

      Thanks so much Linda. Knowing you, I knew you would be in tune with “Just Being” and living in the present. Hope you are well and we would love to see you and Scott. Please let us know if a trip to our cottage would be possible? Thanks so much, Kev

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