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How to Notice the “Big Little Things”
Recently on my flight to Giro Sardegna cycling race, the sun was setting over Toronto as we were taking off. I was taken back by the beauty of the sun, the reflection of the plane, and the beauty of Toronto. As the flight progressed, it wasn’t that long before the Sun was rising as we approached Europe and once again I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Sunrise. 
It got me thinking of an Instagram I read recently that celebrated the “Big Little Things”. When I first read that Instagram, I wasn’t really sure what it meant. When I thought about it further,  to me it meant that there are amazing things around us every single day that is the Earths “Magic” and most often we walk right by these moments and don’t notice these amazing “ little” things. So my message today is that the really big things in life are really the little things that are all around us.
This may be the laughter of your spouse, the morning sun, the blades of grass, the smile of your children, the rays of sunlight shining through a window, a rainbow, or snowflakes falling. 
I think the mistake that many of us make is that we naturally always seek out the “Big Things” in life thinking that is the only place we will find them. For example, we go on trips, go to lakes, travel to the mountains, go to beaches, go to Niagara Falls, go to the CN Tower, all in a quest to find beauty and see those really “Big” things. Don’t get me wrong, these are all amazing things to seek out and see however my point is there are so many things around us EVERY DAY that we generally don’t notice and appreciate. 
Why don’t we notice the “Big Little Things”.
Many of us don’t notice all the amazing things around us unless we are on a trip, hike, vacation etc. We are so busy in our life that we are passing by these moments of beauty every single day. We are rushing to work, rushing to pick up the kids, rushing home for dinner, rushing to the gym and bypass these “Big Little” things every day. 
For those that read my blog regularly,  one of my daily Mantra’s is appreciation(http://kevinbradyhealth.ca/appreciation-the-secret-sauce/ ‎ ) and I try to take time every day to appreciate all that this beautiful world has to offer. I have also written a blog on “Enjoying the Journey” as so often we are so caught up getting to our destination that we fail to enjoy the journey. If you missed that blog on Enjoying the Journey, you can access it here:http://kevinbradyhealth.ca/enjoy-the-journey/
How Do I Notice The Big Little Things?
We are so busy in life you may ask yourself, how do I notice these “Little Big Things”?
I think the best way to notice these things is to get close to nature and notice all that it has to offer. We often think we need to go on a hike, go to the mountains or go to a lake to really appreciate all the world has to offer. The reality is these Magical moments are all around us every single day of our life.
I find that a great way to get in the habit of noticing these “Big Little Things” is to set aside time to actually slow down and take notice. I try to make a habit of going outside once a day and actively noticing all that is going on. This time of year you notice the beauty all around us. The active birds, the sounds of the birds, the grass, flowers, the sun or the rain. When able, I also try to enjoy my morning shake in the morning outside close to nature with the sun shining. This allows me to witness all the beauty that is happening all around us.
At night before bed I do the same thing. I generally go out back before I lock up and notice the stars, the moon, the sky, planes flying overhead. Once again, I am taking time out to appreciate all that is around us and how beautiful the world is all and it only takes a minute to notice all of the beauty. 
I have found that I no longer need to “ schedule” time out to notice the beauty all around us as now I notice it naturally as I go throughout my day. 
So What Can I Do?
So you may ask, what can you do in order to notice the “little Big things”. It is quite simple, just take time today when you are driving, walking, or outside and notice all that is around you. Notice the sky, the stars, the sun, the grass, nature, plants, rain, the birds, etc.  I think if you are like me you will be amazed at all the beauty that is all around us every single day. 
Wishing you a day where you notice the “Big Little Things”, 
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  • Tina

    Needed this today after a ‘short’ yet ‘long week’ and I couldn’t agree more, noticed wild turkeys, horses and a few other critters on a bike ride last evening and appreciated all the birds and the smell of the ocean on my sunrise swim this morning – it truly is the ‘little Big things’.

  • Margery Mccormick

    Hi Kev,

    Another great blog.

    I agree one hundred percent with the things you have said. I personally have a lot of time to appreciate the simple things in life. Since losing my sight, i must imagine all the wonderful things that this world has to offer. I listen to Mother Nature and the world around us. As I sit on my balcony, I hear the roar of the automobiles racing down walkers line but I also hear the birds chirping, the nighbours chatting, and the people working around in our area. These are the things that now give me a great deal of pleasure.

    My imagination has improved a great deal. I can travel to Britain and imagine looking out at the window of the airplane and seeing the clouds. I can imagine the marching bands parading down the street. I can imagine members of the royal family in their carriage passing by. What a wonderful world. I am so grateful.


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