7 Reasons The Mountains Make Me Feel Younger

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7 Reasons The Mountains Make Me Feel Younger

As I write this, I am on my way home from a week of cat skiing in the Mountains with friends.. What I continually realize when I visit the Mountains or spend time in nature is how great I feel. By great, I mean physically as well as mentally great. For some reason, I always feel my best when I am in the mountains and for some reason feel like I am younger and ‘at peace”.

There are many documented studies that show the benefits of us spending time in nature as outlined in “How Does Nature Impact Our Well Being?  https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu › how-does-nature-impact-our-well….

I thought that I would share the reasons I personally love spending time in the mountains and the reason I believe it makes us younger.

1.Breathing fresh, oxygenated, unpolluted air

Typically when I am in the mountains it is linked with  some form of “movement”. By movement, I mean walking, hiking, skiing, swimming or running. I always feel “cleansed” and love the feeling of breathing in super fresh, fully oxygenated and upolluted air. Our bodies through our complex cleansing systems are always at work trying to take the air toxins and pollution out of our bodies. I believe that one of the reasons the mountains make us feel younger is that we are giving our bodies a break and a cleanse as they don’t need to do their normal level of work in order to detoxify our bodies. 

2.Puts Life In Perspective

When I am in the mountains, it really helps me put life in perspective. I believe that this is because when I look at the huge vastness and size of the mountains it makes me realize how small and insignificant I really am in the world. The mountains, lakes, oceans, and nature have been here for millions of years before us and will continue to be here millions of years after we are gone. I find that spending time in the mountains puts life in perspective for me and helps me to realize we are really on this planet for a short time. This is very motivating for me as I want to ensure I make a difference in this world and leave it better than when I came into it. 

3.Makes me feel “Grounded”

I believe there are so many benefits of spending time in the mountains and in nature however one of the health benefits is that it “grounds’ us. There are many documented studies that show be benefits of actually being grounded with nature. To read more on this you can access one of the articles here: The Health Benefits Of Groundinghttps://www.healthline.com › health › grounding

This grounding brings us back to our natural state and makes us fell much better. I feel so strongly about this that I am in the process of ordering a “Grounding Matt” to sleep on during the night. I also make it a point of not wearing shoes when outside during the summer months whenever I can.

4.I Appreciate Life

When I spend time in the mountains I always am so overwhelmed by the feeling of appreciation for everything in my life. I believe that this is do to me taking time out, slowing down and truly enjoying nature. The Mountains allow me to really live “in the moment” as I can’t help but notice all the beauty around me. It really allows me to feel extreme gratitude for even having the opportunity to spend time in nature. It allows me to think how grateful I am for my family and the life that I am living. 

5.Connection with Family and Friends

Typically when I am in the mountains, I am doing my activities with my wife Barb, our kids or friends. I always feel really connected to family and friends when I am in the mountains. I believe that there is an amazing connection that happens between family and friends when spending time in the mountains together as we are experiencing the same feelings of energy, gratitude and “loving life”  together. 

6.Mentally It Puts Me In a Great place

There are many documented studies that show the mental benefits of being in nature. In fact some studies have shown that spending time in nature is more effective than prescriptions or medications for certain Mental Health conditions. I find that when I am in the Mountains it puts me in a really positive, super happy and appreciative mindset which results in me being in a great mental state.

7. “Feel Alive”

The best way I can explain to people the way I feel when I am in the Mountains is I feel really “alive”. Every time I visit the Mountains, even it is only for a day I come away feeling amazing, totally alive and super positive. 

So Where Should I Exercise?

Often I am asked by people the best form of exercise they can do. My suggestion is always that they should incorporate outdoor exercise into their routine as much as possible. I know this is often tough if you live in a northern hemisphere like I do, however even a walk outside when possible is much better than a walk inside. Where and when possible, I try to do my “Cardio” exercise outside in nature when I am able. 

For these reasons, I believe that spending time in nature and in particular the mountains, allows us to feel better mentally and physically and actually slows down the aging process.

Wishing you a healthy, energized, outdoor day,


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  • Joel

    So happy to hear you are back skiing Kev! Great post. Take care and happy new year buddy

    • Kevin Brady

      Thanks pal. I was recently out at Selkirk Wilderness tours with Paul Ozak and many of the guides knew you. I spoke about our great trip to Burnie Glacier. Hope all is well and hope to ski with you again soon Kev

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