What Is the Healthiest Type of Meat To Eat?

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One of the questions that I was asked this week while out for dinner was “what the best type of meat(chicken, fish or beef) is the healthiest to eat.”

First, let me say that at one time,  I was under the impression that I needed to eat meat with every meal as the body needs protein. Therefore I was eating some form of meat every day and most days I was having meat at least twice a day.

When I started trying to eat healthier a few years ago, I changed my diet to eat mainly white meat(chicken, turkey and fish) at most meals and would reserve my red meat mainly to the weekends.

Now I must say that I eat meat much less and typically have meat only a few times a week. I find that my system has a difficult time digesting in particular red meat so I don’t have it as often.

To answer my friends question, “What type of meat is the healthiest to eat”, based on everything I have read, here is my answer. The most important thing is not what type of meat you eat, but to eat Hormone free, Organic, Wild or Grass fed meat.

So for fish, whenever possible, we only buy “Wild” fish(typically Salmon, Haddock or Halibut”). What people don’t realize is that typically “Farmed” fish are raised in holding tanks and are filled with Hormones and antibiotics in order to promote quick growth.

For beef, chicken and turkey, I recommend grass fed, hormone free be purchased. This way you will be avoiding the antibiotics and other hormones that typically are given to animals in order to promote quick growth and prevent disease.

So an easy rule to follow is when possible,  purchase or request hormone free, antibiotic free, or wild meats for a healthier alternative.

Yours in good Health, Kev

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