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It’s no secret that 2020 was a challenge for many of us. At this time of year I typically share my top blogs of the past year. The reason I share these is to give my viewers the opportunity to easily access blogs that the rest of my readers felt were the most beneficial to them.

“Click Rate” Off the Charts!

I am told by our technology company that my “click” rate (open rate) is off the charts so I thank all my readers for that. Last week they shared with me that the average click rate is less than 5% and my click rate is over 40% on average. That is music to my ears as my blogs generally take me 3-4 hours to put down my thoughts, write a draft, edit it, add pictures and send it out. I am not sure anyone other than other “bloggers” knows how much time it actually takes to produce one. I also spend a lot of time just thinking about the topics and deciding what I think would be the most beneficial information I can share with my audience.

The reason I am so pleased with the super high percentage of people that read my blog is that I write my blog to simply help people lead the healthiest life they can. I am hoping that what I share strikes a chord and hope that in some small way it helps my audience.

You will see that unfortunately in 2020 many of the most read blog topics revolved around Covid as that was on so many of our minds.

If you missed any of these blogs, I encourage you to open and read them as they were the most popular amongst all my readers. Also, if you did read them previously you may wish to open them and read them as a refresher. As a note, these are my Top 5 most viewed blogs of the year in order.

Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy and successful 2021!



Top Blogs For 2020

1.The Truth About Corona Virus – How to Survive A Pandemic

 Rich and Michael come together – The Rich Roll Podcast

Today, I wanted to share their most recent video on the Rich Roll Podcast. It is amazing when two of my favourite people come together in one setting. This is Rich’s fourth time having Dr. Greger on the podcast and today’s focus is on surviving a Pandemic with the full emphasis on the most recent world wide pandemic – Covid-19.

In this Video Podcast, they will touch on some key topics such as:

How exactly is Covid-19 transmitted?

Why do some fall gravely ill while others only experience mild symptoms?

How do we ensure our immune systems are healthy?

What supplements should I be taking to fend off Covid-19?

Should I be disinfecting everything including my groceries?

How dangerous is flying on airplanes?

Do masks work and what type of mask should I be wearing?

What are the most effective things we should focus on for the prevention?

How can we stop the emergence of Pandemics in the first place?

To hear the “Truths” about Covid and how to avoid a Pandemic, click below:


2. 10 Extra Things I Am Doing to Avoid Covid-19

In this 2nd most viewed blog, I shared the measures I was taking (and continue to take) to avoid catching Covid. I believe by doing these things that it strengthens my immune system and puts me in a stronger position to fight catching the virus. I also feel that by taking these extra measures, it will put me in a better position to fight the virus should I unfortunately catch it.

Click the link below to find out the “Top 10 Things I Am Doing to Avoid Covid”

3. Silver Linings of Covid 19

We all know how brutal this Virus has been on so many of us and we have all been affected one way or another by this pandemic. I do not want to diminish the severity of this virus and the effect it has had on all of us. I read another very disturbing study last week that outlined that mental health issues including anxiety and depression have quadrupled since the beginning of Covid.

However I did notice that there were some “Silver Linings” of this Pandemic that I thought I would share. Many of you also shared your own “Silver Linings” with me which I loved. This blog obviously struck a chord with many as it was my 3rd most read Blog of the year.

To refresh or read, Click Below.

4.  7 Reasons The Mountains Make Me Feel Younger

I must say that this blog making the “Top 5” surprised me and I am not sure why. This was a very personal blog on my own feelings about how the mountains affect me personally however it obviously was a popular blog with so many of my audience so I have to assume that many have a similar experience. Or perhaps it is simply that many of you connect with nature and this has even been more important during 2020.

5. My 8 Strategies For Mental Well Being During COVID-19

As I wrote this blog, I personally was challenged by the effect of Covid on my own stress and anxiety levels. In this blog, I shared my formula for my own well being. I believe this blog was so popular as so many of our readers have experienced similar feelings.

To learn more about my personal strategies for Mental Well Being during Covid which I still try to practice daily, Click below:

Bonus – 6th Most Read Blog of 2020
7 Things I am Doing To Have A Great Sleep During Covid

I wanted to share one additional blog as so many of us seem to be challenged with sleep and having a great, adequate, and deep sleep. I have found that by personally practicing these techniques that my quality of sleep has improved dramatically.

To learn how you can have a great, deep sleep tonight, Click Below:

I hope these most-read blogs of 2020 have personally helped you and I want to wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2021.

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