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One of the very first Blogs that I wrote was The Morning Shake – They Key To Great Day which was published on Feb 1, 2016.  In case you missed that blog you can access it here: ‎

The reason I chose that as my first blog topic was that I believe it is the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health and vitality. I thought I would do a second blog on The Morning Shake as I have changed my recipe over the course of the last year and wanted to share the changes with you. The most frequent question I get asked by people is what ingredients I put in my shake so I thought it was important to update it.

I still believe that the morning shake is the most important thing you can do improve your health. It is an amazing way to start the day as it gives all of your cells the energy and nutrients that you need so you can perform at 100%+ during the day or what I would refer to as at your Peak.


Get All Your Daily Requirements In One Shake


We have all heard(including from our parents) that we need to have our fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. By having the morning shake and filling it with fresh fruits and veggies you are ensuring you are getting a good supply of both of these. Although I typically have other servings of fruits and vegetables during the day, there are days where this isn’t possible and I still feel well as I have consumed my full compliment as part of my morning shake. Think of it this way, by having your full morning shake you are ensuring you fulfill your fruit and veggie quotient for the day. I find it an easy way to ensure I am getting multiple servings of each along with other great nutrients.


Our Dog Wilson Loves the Shake

One of the other questions I get asked is how much shake do I have? I have a full to the top 2 litre Vitamix shake every morning. If that is too much to consume at one time there is nothing wrong with putting the rest in a water bottle or a thermos and taking it to work. Depending on my day I sometimes also have a Veggie shake in the evening particularly if I have a workout later in the day.

Our entire family typically has at least one shake a day and even our dog Wilson joins in. As I get the blender going in the morning he begs and can’t wait for his healthy plant based shake.


Kev’s recipe

1.Frozen Organic Fruits( varies between Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, mixed berries). If I have organic non frozen fruits I often throw some of those in as well.

2.Frozen or Fresh Organic Vegetables(I mix this up depending on what is in the fridge). Typically spring mix, spinach, arugula and anything else we have.

3.Spirulina(usually a tablespoon or two) for antioxidants

4.Chlorella(usually a teaspoon) as an antioxidant

5.Maca Powder(for energy and recovery)

6.Raw Plant based Protein(typically  one scoop) for muscle development

7.Chia,Flax or Hemp seeds(typically one or two scoops) – for heathy fats and fibre

8.Cinnamon – for blood pressure and cholesterol

9.Tumeric – reduces inflammation

10.Vitamin C Powder – (half a teaspoon) for immune system


When Training or Working Out a lot I add:

Glutamine – (one teaspoon) to assist in recovery and reduce inflammation

Creatine – (one teaspoon) to assist in recovery

Then I fill the blender to the brim with filtered water and blend away. You will enjoy it plus fill your body with amazing cell building nutrients.

Wishing you a great healthy day, Kev


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  • Margery mccormick

    Wow kevin. I don’t believe it. No wonder why you’re so healthy. Keep up the good work.


  • Darrell Bierman

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for sharing this shake recipe. I can see how this would be beneficial to one’s body on multiple levels – and I’m going to try it out between now and my Sears National Kids Cancer Ride. All the best!!

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