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Kevin has recorded some great advice for your health and the wellness of your company. Take a few moments and enjoy a podcast. They are great while you are working out or driving to the office.



It’s Never Too late To Be Healthy Podcast #109: 22 Million Strong With Nicolette Richer

Nicolette is back on the It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy Podcast! We wanted to catch up with her and her experience with the 22 Million Strong Campaign, BC Tour. She is a firm believer that food is medicine and can be used to treat chronic conditions. Nicolette decided to “hit the ground running” to meet with Indigenous and BIPOC communities to understand the barriers to accessing real, whole foods. Despite several obstacles, Nicolette trekked and biked over 1700km – no easy feat in such a short period time. She shares more

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It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy Podcast #1008: Finding Your Voice with Fina Scroppo

The best way to describe Fina is a publisher, editor, an effective communicator, and most importantly, a story teller. She has helped over 35 authors, including Kevin, get their publications over the finish line. Fina reminds us that writing a book is a personal journey, that requires a process that she is honoured to be a part in support of her clients.  Today Kevin and Fina talk about her career, some common misconceptions about publishing a book and her own bestseller, The Healthy Italian. Lastly, Kevin and Fina talk about about the celebration of food with family

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It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy Podcast#1007: Living vs. Surviving with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden

Dr. Gladden discusses intriguing topics including how “100 is the new 30,” his pivotal moments that shaped his personal and medical career, and the difference between health and longevity. Kevin and Dr. Gladden are on the pursuit of not only better health, but push the boundaries of robust health such that they can continue to enjoy their beloved activities – surfing, biking and wind surfing with their families outdoors even beyond the “aging” years. Dr. Gladden speaks on the rejection of normal ageing, and his commitment to exploring what works

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It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy Podcast #1006: Train For Life & Find Meaning Behind Movement with Ben Carr

Ben Carr, Owner of Innovative Fitness North Vancouver, joins Kevin Brady for an impactful conversation on his personal mission to create a supportive community where committed individuals can get a little uncomfortable, learn something new and become a better, stronger person! Kevin and Ben discuss the adaptations that Ben and his team have made during the COVID-19 restrictions. Ben discusses the positive that has come about his business practices despite the lockdown measures, including the innovation and development behind the IF Direct online fitness platform that gives clients virtual access to

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It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy Podcast #1005: Nutrition Heals with Nicolette Richer

Kevin Brady, Founder of Advica Health and guest Nicolette Richer, Regenerative Medicine Educator dive into some interesting topics around chronic disease and cancer. As a trained practitioner in the Gerson therapy, Nicolette shares real life examples of how a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, plant based diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements that can change your life for the better. Nicolette describes the power of food and the remarkable changes that are made once the “road blocks” – toxicity,

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It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy Podcast #1004: Reaching Peak Health in Middle Age

Nancy Mackay, Founder & CEO of MacKay CEO Forums and Kevin Brady, President of Advica Health come together to share highlights from Kevin’s latest BOOK RELEASE, It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy: Reaching Peak Health in Middle Age. In this live session, Kevin shares his WHY behind his book and debunks many misconceptions around health and ageing. As a plant based triathlete and lifelong health advocate, Kevin also shares his top recommendations on how you can conquer each component of what he has named, Wheels of Health: Nutrition, Sleep,

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