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As you know, I have written a few blogs about “Living in the Moment” and trying to “Be Present” in our daily lives. If you missed my recent blog on The One Thing You Can Do To Have a Great 2021 you can access it here: https://kevinbradyhealth.ca/one-thing-you-can-do-today-to-have-a-great-2021/

After writing this blog, I had a reader reach out and comment that he really focused on being present and in the moment while he was out for an easy, enjoyable, nature run in the woods. He commented that my blog really helped him stay focused on being in the present and it resulted in him having a really relaxing enjoyable run where he wasn’t preoccupied thinking of work or issues he was dealing with.

I had another reader reach out and say that she was having difficulty getting “in the moment” or “being present”. Therefore I thought today I would share  a method I have personally used effectively to be present and be ” In the moment”.

The Solution – Just Be

The best analogy that I like to share is one that I learned from our daughter Lauren. She explained “Being in the Moment” as follows:

Lauren used the example of our dog Wilson that unfortunately is no longer with us however he had a long and healthy life living to 18. She explained that when our dog Wilson was outside he was just “Being”.  When I asked her about this she said that Wilson was standing in our backyard, soaking up the sun, sniffing the scents in the air, letting the wind gently blow in his face and fur, and overall was just “Being”.

I think this is a great way to think of getting in the moment personally and I often think of this while I am outside on walks, running, or cycling. The next time you step outside for a walk,  hike, run, snowshoe or cross country ski, make it a point of thinking of the following like our dog Wilson did so well:

Feel the warmth of the sun

Feel the gentle wind on your face and body

Smell the scents in the air

Feel the earth below and around you

Look and take in all the Nature around you – the beauty of the trees, the snow, the earth, the sun, the clouds, and all the gorgeous things that surround you.

I believe that this is a practiced skill to “Be in the Moment”  and I encourage you to do this every opportunity you can. For me, this works best when I am outside and I find that being in this state acts as a form of personal meditation me.

Please try this your next time outside on your walk, run, bike, or any outdoor activity and I promise you that you will have an amazing uplifting experience.

Thank you Lauren for sharing this great piece of advice with me so I could share it with all of our amazing readers. XO


Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and “present” day.


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  • Marge

    Very nice Kevin. Lauren will be thrilled…


  • Bryan Webber

    So true Kev, but difficult to do in the busyness of our world. You’ve inspired me to try unplugging from my podcast on my daily walk, at least for a few moments.

    Best to you, Barb and the kids.


  • Darlene Bennett-Howes

    It works! I have taken my evening walk deliberately past our local park where there are two man made rinks and so enjoying seeing the kids playing hockey – albeit with masks on but the atmosphere and the snow under my feet and the cold air hitting my lungs – it puts you right in the present moment. A great escape! Thx Kev!

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