Trick Yourself To Sleep

One of the biggest health issues that people share with me is their difficulty getting a good nights sleep. Statistics show that well over 50% of the population have difficulty with their sleep. [...]

Lift A Tree

Lift A Tree When it comes to exercise, people often ask me what the best type of exercise is, what the best equipment to use is, how they should equip their home, the best cardio equipment to [...]

Better Or Worse?

A Simple Tool – Better Or Worse? There is a super simple tool that I use on a daily basis that allows me to make better decisions from a health standpoint. So many that I have shared this [...]

Don’t Drink And Die

In my latest book, It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy, I share my life changing story whereby I came very close to death by running a Marathon in May 1999. I ended up on full life support, [...]

What……I Can Cheat??

As most of you would know by now, last week I published my second book, It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy – Reaching Peak Health In Middle Age. We have had amazing uptake on the book [...]

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