8 Morning Secrets To A Great Day

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Good-Morning-Sunshine-Good-Day-Image-Share-On-FacebookI have been asked by a number of people what some of my routines and or Habits are towards better health. I thought I would share specifically what my routine is each morning to start the day. Now let me also say that what I outline below would be the perfect start to my day. The reality is due to my schedule, this doesn’t happen every day however I try to ensure my day starts this way 80% of the time (See Previous Blog – 80% Rule http://kevinbradyhealth.ca/the-80-rule-towards-balanced-health/). I also share below what I see as the benefits of my morning Routine.

1.Wake up and open the blinds – The first thing i do is wake up and open the blinds in our room. The natural sunlight actually assists in your sleep cycle the following night. It tells the body that it is time to get up and get active.

2. Lay in bed and stretch and wake up for a few minutes –  Have you ever noticed what a dog does every morning when it wakes up (or other animals for that matter)? The first thing they do upon waking is stretch. This is a great way to let the body know that it is time to wake up and also a way to stretch any sore muscles. Also I try to look out the window at the natural light or sunlight that will produce Melatonin which will help you sleep better at night.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar or Fresh Squeezed Lemon – Every morning I try to either squeeze a fresh lemon or a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar into filtered water. All night your system works hard at cleansing and getting rid of all its waster products through the Liver and Kidneys. Lemon water or Apple Cider vinegar cleanse the Liver and also Alkalinize the system. We always want to ensure our PH levels are in line and our system is not too Acidic.

4. If Working Out then have Dates or Banana. – If I am going for a workout then I will have a quick boost of energy to replenish Glycogen Stores. Two of the fastest natural ways to get quick energy is by having a few Dates or a Banana. These get to the bloodstream within minutes to provide that energy we need for a great morning workout. I also typically have Vega Pre Workout powder in my water bottle to keep my energy stores high while working out.

5. Early Morning Workout- If my schedule permits I love to have a morning workout as I find it gets my day off to a great start and leaves me feeling in a positive, great state of mind as well as energizes me. The exercise varies depending on the season. In Tri season, I would typically go for a swim, bike or run workout. Out of season I typically use the Stairmaster (especially in the fall to get ready for Ski season), high intensity weight workout or indoor training on my bike. Most of my workouts I do either in the basement or from my home. If I am going to the Y for a morning swim I get up and make my shake and bring it with me.

6. Morning Shake – Following my workout I have my Morning Shake (See Morning Shake blog to get recipe (http://kevinbradyhealth.ca/the-morning-shake/). I have this every day and I find it is the best and most healthy way to start my day as it provides all the ingredients to fuel my system as well as helps me recover from my workouts. Once again, I believe this is the most important step to take towards better health. In the nicer months, I try to have my shake out on the back deck to again experience the Sun and nature even if it is only for a few minutes. Once again, I find this puts me in a great state of mind.

7. Green Tea – I brew a Green Tea and put it in a travel mug and drink it either on the way to the office or appointments. Green Tea has many health benefits and is a great Antioxidant and does not compromise the Adrenal Glands.

8. Morning Snack – I try to have some form of morning snack mid morning. I usually keep a supply of Nuts and Seeds (Organic) or fruit  in my car so I can have a quick morning snack to keep the energy stores up as well as ensure I don’t feel really hungry come lunch time.

I hope some of what I have shared will help you on your journey towards better health.


Have a great, Healthy day, Kev


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  • Mary

    Some great morning rituals. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck this weekend.

  • Marge McCormick

    Hi Kevin… Another excellent blog. I am always amazed at your knowledge of nutrition. You definitely “know your stuff”. Keep up the good work.

    Good luck in Ottawa. Drive safely. Marge

  • David lowe

    Good luck this weekend Kevin!!!!

  • Bryan Webber

    Great tips for the morning, Kev. Thanks for sharing. Hope the competition went well for you this weekend!

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