6 Ways I Reduce Inflammation

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No doubt, you have heard and read alot about Inflammation and the impact it has on our health. I have pesonally read a lot about inflammation and as part of my health journey, I try to do things to reduce inflammation. I have found that now I can recognize when I havent eaten well or consumed many acidic foods(example coffee)as my body feels inflammed. The symptoms I get when I get inflammed is that my joints, bones and musles ache. Once again I often feel this way after I deviate from my normal food plan or diet.
Acute inflammation is fine as it is the body’s reaction to an injury or infection. In simple terms, when a person is inflammed, the body increases the White blood count production and floods the “inflammed” area in order to help it mend or heal. The problem from a health standpoint occurs when one has a condition of Chronic Inflammation. Chronic inflammation is typically a result of lifestyle including a very poor diet, chronic stress or heavy alcohol consumption to name a few. Chronic inflammation is problematic as it can result in ongoing chronic conditions such as Rhumatoid Arthritis, Autoimmune Diseases and Crohn’s disease to name a few.

How I Inflammed My Body

Yesterday was one if those days that I went way off my 80% rule and did not eat very healthy most of the day. I started the day well with my warm lemon water upon waking and my morning shake. I also went for an early morning swim workout. Following that it was down hill. I was stuck in my car all day as I had client meetings outside of the office so was driving between appointments and this is often when I go off track. I had way too many coffees between my driving and also being offered coffee from my clients. I did not have time for a good lunch so ended up ordering a “Vegetable” type of wrap at a non standard resaturant and it certainly did not contain any fresh vegetables. I attempted to eat healthy by ordering something healthy on the menu however I could tell from my first bite this wasn’t the case. At night, I had a few too many pieces of vegan fudge which still has a high content of natural sugar. The bottom line was that I ate and consumed items that I normally don’t have and I paid for it through inflammatory symptoms.

How Did I Know I Was Inflamed?

I can tell right away when my body is inflammed and it is typically a result of poor diet or too many acidic foods. I believe I can now feel and identify this inflammed state as my body generally feels “well” most of the time so when I go off track and it is inflammed I can tell right away. The symptoms I felt last night were very achy bones, joints, muscles and I also felt “goo” from my eyes when I woke up. I think this is a result of my system trying to get rid of the bad things that I have consumed. In any event, I generally feel achy “flu like” symptoms which is a sign my body is inflammed.

6 Ways I Reduce Inflammation

When my body is Inflammed, it does not feel well so what I try to do is get it back on track right away. Here are the things that I did today to reduce internal inflammation and get back on track.

1.Morning lemon Water

The first thing I did when I woke up was to have some freshly squeezed lemon in a cup of warm water. This alkalanizes the body and gets rid of overnight waste from your kidneys and liver.

2.Early Morning Work Out

Even though I was inflammed and achy, I find that an early morning light easy workout does wonders to get the body back in action and feeling well for the day. This morning I had a light weight workout in the basement however I alternatively I would do an easy run or swim.

3.The Morning Shake

If you follow my blog regularly you know how I feel about the morning shake. This is the best way to reduce inflammation as it is filled with fruits and vegetables which are anti inflammatory in nature. I also put a heaping tablespoon of Tumeric in my shake which is a natural anti inflammatory.

4.Tumeric and Curcummin

In addition to my regular morning supplements, I also ensured that I doubled up on my Tumeric and Curcummin powders which are are both anti inflammatory. In fact, after a really hard workout, I take more of both of these to reduce inflammation and swelling.

5.Eat Plant Based all Day

Following a state of inflammation, I try to eat healthy all day long. To me, this means a diet based largely on fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. So today I ensured that I had a very healthy large salad at lunch and had my typical plant based food for dinner. I also drove around with a Phytoberry mix with absorbic acid(vitamin c) and water and sipped on it all day long. This also helps to build the immune system and reduces inflammation

6.Get a Good Sleep

Think of inflammation as in internal bruise. When the body is trying to heal it is generally inflamed. The best way to support the body through healing is to have a good restful sleep. My plan tonight is to get to bed early and have good restful sleep to reduce my inflammatory state.

It is now almost bed time and due to the steps I have taken today, I feel much better and my inflammation has significantly reduced since this morning.

I wish you a great, healthy and “Anti Inflammatory” Day


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