6 Steps to Avoid or Quickly Cure Colds and Flu

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6 Steps to avoid or cure Colds and Flu Symptoms

A question I get asked regularly is what I do or take in the “cold season” to avoid or cure colds. I typically do not get a cold and in fact, I can’t remember the last time I had one. However last week I was travelling for a few days and when I got home I came down with a brutal cold. I had all the regular symptoms which I don’t usually get — running nose, aches and pains, a sore throat, the chills, and a very sore congested chest.

The good news is that I started to feel symptoms on Tuesday afternoon, fought the cold Wednesday and Thursday and was back to my regular self by Friday. The good thing is I didn’t miss any time off of work and only missed 2 days working out. 

I thought I would share my “Recipe” to avoid or cure a cold since it is so prevalent this time of year. Please feel free to share with family, friends or co workers that are dealing with cold or flu. 

1.My Morning Warm Lemon Water

For those that follow my blog regularly, you know that I start every day with a glass of warm filtered lemon water. I find this is a great way to get the system going, alkalinize my body first thing in the morning and get a good shot of vitamin C. I try to do this every morning when I am at home and even when travelling if I can. For those that would like to revisit my Full Morning Routine, you can access it here:http://kevinbradyhealth.ca/8-morning-secrets-to-a-great-day

2.Load Up On Vitamin C – Natural and Supplements

Vitamin C is important for our body at any time as it helps build the immune system however it is even more important to load up when feeling run down or fighting sickness. I typically start every day with my “Morning Shake” that is loaded with fruits and vegetables so that I can flood my system with natural minerals and vitamins. For a refresher on my Morning Shake recipe, you can visit it here:http://kevinbradyhealth.ca/the-morning-shakenew-recipe/ ‎

In addition to this, when I am feeling run down I make sure I take additional supplementation of Vitamin C (capsules and powder in my morning shake) to really help build the immune system. 


3.Oil Of Oregano

I have had really good success in the past using Oil of Oregano to combat colds and or flu. I simply drop 5-10 drops in a few tablespoons of water and then hold under my tongue and then swallow. It tastes brutal but my belief is that it works really well.

4.BIO 87,88,93 drops

Through meeting with my nutritionist from Advica Heath (Marina) she advised that I take these drops when I feel run down, feel a cold or flu symptoms or I am flying. Therefore I take 10 of each of these drops 3 x per day when I am sick or feel like I am getting sick or run down.  In the past when I have felt a cold coming on, simply by taking these drops my symptoms have disappeared. Please ensure you meet with your healthcare professional prior to taking any natural supplements or naturopathic remedies such as these. 

5.Cold Showers with Chest Pound

You likely know that I have started virtually every day since January with a cold shower. Even though I was fighting a cold last week, I felt that I should start my day the same way (even though I didn’t feel like it)!. 

The difference this time was that I also pounded my chest while taking my cold shower in order to loosen up my chest and phlegm. Not a great visual however it was amazing the nose and chest congestion that was freed up by having my cold shower. In fact when I finished my cold shower, I actually felt like my cold symptoms were gone and I didn’t have a cold at all! 

6.Early to Bed and Throat Coat Tea

As our Mom told us when we were young, when feeling ill, get lots of sleep and drink lots of liquids. I had a cough that seemed to want to act up at night so I used a natural tea called “Throat Coat” that worked amazing. I also made sure I got to bed early as again was trying to rebuild my immune system any way that I could. 


So that, in a nutshell, is my “Recipe” to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of a cold or flu. 

1.Morning Warm Lemon Water

2.Load up on Vitamin C

3.Oil Of Oregano

4.Bio 87,88 and 93 drops

5.Cold Shower

6.Early to Bed and Throat Coat Tea

Wishing you a great healthy day and I hope this helps you and your family beat the cold season!


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  • Larry Armatage

    Kevin, I think you left one out…… GET A FLU SHOT.
    Just read yesterday that last year, 3500 people died from flu, and another 12000 were hospitalized. Don’t know how many would have been OK with your list, but flu is much much worse than the common cold, and the two shouldn’t be lumped together with the same medical treatment.
    Just sayin’

    • Kevin Brady

      Yes Larry. Great point. Thanks for your comments. Trust you are well.

  • Margery Mccormick

    Hi Kev. Thanks for sending me your latest blog.

    I am amazed at your dedication to good health.

    I’ve sent a copy of your latest blog to Linda. Hope it helps her get rid of her cold. Before she leaves for Floria on Thursday.

    Love, Marge

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