5 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick While Travelling

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Lately, I have had a very busy travel schedule so I thought I would share the things I do when I travel to avoid getting overly tired or sick. People know that I travel a lot and I am often asked what I do to avoid getting sick? Some of the reasons people get sick when travelling is the abundance of germs on the plane, lack of sleep, and poor diet to name a few.

Here are the 5 things that I do in order to try to maintain my health and avoid getting sick while or after travelling. You can use this same methodology to ensure you stay healthy over the approaching busy holiday season. Here are my 5 remedies to stay healthy when traveling:

1.Drink plenty of water prior, during and after the flight.

One of the primary reasons for feeling tired or lethargic while travelling is dehydration. The extremely dry air on a plane makes you very dehydrated. I always make a point of drinking multiple glasses of water prior to a flight. In addition, I pack a water bottle in my backpack carry on and have it filled multple times when they offer water during the flight. Post-flight I usually fill my water bottle up again or purchase a large bottle of water to have right away.

2.Bring your own food on the plane.

I often find that when I eat the food they serve on the plane, I get very bloated and an upset stomach. I think this is primarly becuase I eat different foods than I am used to. Prior to most flights, I try to pack some real, non-processed food that I can take on the flight. Prior to our flight out west last week, I packed a bag with Mary’s Organic crackers, avacado sandwiches, celery, carrots, peppers and hummis. This ensured that I did not get hungry on the flight and also that I ate very healthy during the flight.

3.Take lots of Vitamin C and D prior, during and after the trip.
One of the most common sickness’s from travelling is the common cold. It is important that you try and build up your immune system to ensure you can fight off any infections and germs that are common on a plane. In order to build immunity and avoid colds, I double up on my intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin D. I also ensure that I bring these supplements with me (in addition to my other supplements) on my trips so that I continue to take them while I am away. I think it is even more important to take all my Vitamins while travelling as my immune system is usually compromised.

4.Take Magnesium and stick to your regular sleep routine

Often when travelling you have to go through and adapt to different time zones. This creates havoc on your sleep and your sleep patterns. I find that the best way to combat this is to try to stick to as regular sleep routine as possible and also ensure I take my magnesium and go though my regular routine prior to sleep. When I  travel across multiple time zones, I try to adapt to the new time zone as soon as I can. For instance when I fly out west, I try to go to bed at my regular time but in the new time zone. For instance I typically go to sleep between 10:00 and 11:00 at home and try to do this same thing in my new time zone.

If you missed my blog on my routine prior to sleep to ensure I get a great, peaceful night of sleep, you can access it here;http://kevinbradyhealth.ca/5-natural-remedies-for-a-great-sleep/

5.Have Easy Workout As Soon As Possible
While travelling on a plane, we are bomarded with EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields). These are similar to the same “invisible” rays that are produced by our cell phones, Wi-Fi as well as electric appliances in the home. There are many side effects of EMF’s but one side effect is that it weakens our immune system. A great way to “reset” the system is to have a nice easy aerobic workout to get a good sweat going. Ideally, I suggest it is best to do this outdoors (such as a nice walk, easy run or cycle). This way you are resetting your system, getting away from all the EMF’s, getting close to nature and revitalizing your cells. This week while in Montreal, I did not have any outdoor gym gear so I went to the hotel gym and had a nice aerobic workout on the Elliptical machine. This is a great way to rid yourself of toxins, rebuild new cells, build your immune system as well as increase your energy.

Take Away’s To Avoid Getting Sick While Travelling 

1.Drink Plenty Of Water
2.Pack Your Own Food For the Plane
3.Increase Dose of Vitamin C and D
4.Stick To Your Sleep Routine
5.Excercise As Soon As You Are Able
Safe and healthy travels, Kev
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  • Margery mccormick

    Hi Kev,

    Just read your latest blog. Really good. Simple rules. Easy to remember. Thanks loads.


  • Tim

    Good point with the EMFs!

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