4 Thoughts That Will Change Your Day

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Most days, I somehow make time to think of 4 thoughts that I find have an amazingly positive impact on my entire day. I typically practice these thoughts while I am doing a workout and especially when I am doing a workout outside. If I don’t think of this while doing a run, ride or run, I ensure I do it in bed at night or another time of day.
I find that by taking this simple 1 or 2 minutes of intentional thinking it helps put my mind and body in the right place so I have a great day. This morning I did a slow and very easy Zone 2 run and of course went through this thought process as I usually do when I work out.
Below I share these 4 thoughts and provide my personal examples of what I think of.
1.Be In the Moment


I find it really helps to look around, feel the breeze on my face, look at nature and totally experience what I am feeling. I think of my breath, my steps, the air around me, the sun, and the beauty of nature. I find that by being in the moment it really helps me appreciate all we have around us. Most often, once I have finished my other 3 thoughts(below),  I come back to being in the moment and enjoying all that I am experiencing at that moment.
During this thought process, I think of all in my life that I am grateful and appreciative for. I often purposely mix this up however I do know that I have so much to be grateful for.
Today I thought about being grateful for being alive(for my regular blog readers you will recall I was in a Coma in 1999 with less than a 10% chance of living), my family, grateful for my amazing parents, enjoying all the nature around me, and being on a run up in Muskoka.  Every day my appreciation changes and it varies from things I am experiencing right at the present as well as a much broader focus.
Here I think of all the people in my life that I love. Barb, our children – Tim, Matt and Lauren, my parents and my family. I often think about just loving life and all I have to be grateful for.
Most often I also think about people that I was close to and are no longer with us. I think about my parents(Howie and Joanie) Bill(or as I called him “Bro”), Kathy M, Ashley K, Todd C, Pete H, Brian T, Lisa F, to name a few. I also think about people that I know that are suffering with a health issue or other issues and send them my best wishes and positive energy.
What amazes me is that regularly when I think of those that are no longer with us, I will get a “sign” from them when I am out running or cycling. Yesterday when I went for a ride and was thinking of those that had previously passed, I had birds around me and flying right beside my while I was cycling. I am always amazed at how often this happens and I don’t think it is just coincidence.
4.The Future is Bright
For those that have followed my blogs, I outlined that  that one of the traits of truly happy people is they focus on the future and look forward to it. For those that missed 7 Signs Of Truly Happy People, you can access it here:http://kevinbradyhealth.ca/7-characteristic…uly-happy-people/
I find that by thinking about how great the future looks it puts me in a great state of mind. I look forward to so much and the impact that I can have on people, society and the world and it just gets me so excited. Thanks to my mentor Dan Sullivan who is founder of Strategic Coach, I am 3 years into my 25 year plan and am so excited with all I have to look forward to.
The world is so full of opportunity and we just need to engulf it. You can likely gather from my blog that my passion is to help people with their health and fulfil their own personal health journey.
Take Away
The take away I suggest is to fit this thought process into your daily life. Right away you will get a feeling of relaxation and ease about you. Try if for a few days and you will be amazed. So to summarize, today while on a run, ride, workout or just  a “time out” think of the following:
1.Live In The Moment
2.Be appreciative for all you have
3.Think of all you Love in your life
4.The Future Is Bright.
Wishing you a healthy and happy day, Kev
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  • Bryan Webber

    Thanks, Kev. Good of you to share this with us. You can never go wrong with love, gratitude and being in the moment.

    On the birds, I don’t think it’s a coincidence either. 🙂


  • Margery mccormick

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for another terrific blog. My “Blind Happiness” is emulated once again by your positive outlook on life. I hope you continue to inspire people with your messages, the way that you have helped me to go through many hours of darkness.


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